Getting together with… Hannah Dale

To celebrate the launch of our #GetTogether campaign, each month we’re catching up with some of our favourite designers, influencers and bakers, in our new series – ‘Getting together with…’. Keep an eye out each month as we chat to special guests, to find out a little more about them and discover their idea of a perfect get together.

This month we’re catching up with Hannah Dale, artist, mother, country lover, founder of Wrendale Designs, and designer of our sister brand’s Royal Worcester Wrendale Designs collection. Continue reading to delve into the life of Hannah Dale and find out about her love of country-inspired get togethers with friends and family.

Hi Hannah – We’d love to know a little bit more about you! What do you do and where do you come from?

Amongst many different things, I’m an artist and founder of Wrendale Designs, so I can normally be found with a paintbrush in hand. Wrendale is based in the market town of Brigg in North Lincolnshire, just five minutes from where I grew up. I live on a farm with my husband Jack, our three children and Claude the poodle.

As you know, we’ve just launched our #GetTogether campaign. What do your get togethers with friends and family consist of?

Living in the countryside, we don’t have a huge array of restaurants on the doorstep in the same way that city-dwellers do, so getting together and eating at one another’s houses is how I usually get together with friends. I love stepping into the kitchen and trying new recipes for family dinners, although I am usually juggling three things at once and have beenknown to forget about something in the oven – my family have given me the not-too-flattering nickname of ‘the incinerator’!

Speaking of family dinners, what meal do you associate with your childhood?

My favourite meal as a child was called ‘Peppered Chicken’ with crispy roast potatoes and a deliciously creamy sauce. It was so homely and comforting, and we always tucked into it around the dinner table as a family. I’ve tried to replicate it but it’s never quite the same as when mum made it.

From childhood back to adulthood, what is now your idea of a perfect get together with friends and family?

My ideal get together nowadays would be gathering everyone outdoors for a long walk in the countryside followed by a delicious home-cooked lunch and a few relaxing glasses of wine by a cosy log fire. There’s nothing quite like gathering your loved ones in the comfort of your own home, watching them tucking into food you prepared.

That sounds lovely! What is your go-to dish to serve when hosting a get together?

I’d have to say my family-favourite beef bourguignon with dauphinoise potatoes (recipe provided below). It always goes down incredibly well with both my friends and family, and my fool proof recipe ensures I get it right each time. As I often find myself eating lunch at my desk, I like to ensure that dinner time is spent around the table, whether that’s a casual family dinner or a special occasion with friends.

And finally, what is your top tip for hosting a successful get together?

From past learnings, I’d say that my top tip is to serve food that can easily be prepared in advance – a casserole is ideal so that you are not stressing about things going wrong at the last minute, and you can truly enjoy spending time with your friends and family instead.

Thank you for reading our first post in the ‘Getting together with…’ series with the incredibly talented Hannah Dale. Be sure to check in next month as we speak to another exciting guest.

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Hannah Dale’s Beef Bourguignon Recipe (serves approx. 4-6).


  • 2lb braising steak cut into large chunks
  • Small bunch of thyme and rosemary
  • 2 packs of pancetta
  • Chestnut mushrooms
  • One onion
  • Bottle of red burgundy wine
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Firstly, brown your braising steak in small batches on a high heat. Once browned, take out of the pan and fry the chopped onion and pancetta in olive oil.
  2. Return the meat to the pan and add two tablespoons of plain flour, mixing well to ensure that the meat is well coated.
  3. Then add herbs, chopped mushrooms and season well. Add the bottle of wine and cook in the slow cooker, ideally overnight if you can.
  4. Once cooked, you may need to return to the pan on a fast boil to reduce and thicken the sauce.
  5. Finally, serve with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans – enjoy!

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