How To Create The Perfect Get Together

Nothing gets people together more than a promise of good food.
Whether you’re thinking of planning a family get together a dinner party with friends or a gathering for a special occasion, our top 5 tips will give you everything you need to know about throwing the best dinner party yet.

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When it comes to choosing your dinner party menu, stick to what you know and are confident in cooking, trying a new exotic recipe for the first time is probably not the best way to go.

Keep it simple, the last thing you want is the added stress of creating a complicated menu, remember, your friends and family are here to spend time with you.

We find that food that can be served and shared at the table will make everyone feel comfortable and at home. For menu inspiration see our Get Together recipes.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail
Preparation, preparation, preparation. Cook as much as you can before the event to avoid any last-minute stress.

Preparing your food, the night or even a few days before, and freezing it means you can just pop it straight in the oven and serve when hot.

Bring on the laughter
The conversation at dinner parties can be just as important as the food, so think of some conversation starters beforehand and let the laughter flow.
Tales of childhood, zany early jobs or past shared experiences are the type of anecdotes that will help guests connect to each other and spur their own memories to keep stories coming.

Cool it
When choosing your drinks for the evening consider what will complement your menu, what you like to drink yourself and what you guests are going to enjoy.

Then get them in the fridge and show your guests where the fridge is so they can help themselves.
And finally enjoy it!

Don’t worry about the things that don’t go right. Everyone is there to spend time with you. They’ll focus on all the good bits.

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