The Ultimate Tableware Essentials Guide

One aspect that you need to consider when creating an extra special get together is your tableware.

When it comes to tableware, there is no end of pottery jargon that often leaves us puzzled. From earthenware to stoneware and porcelain to fine bone china, we want to help you make the right decision when selecting the tableware for your get together.

If you’re trying to create a warm homely feel to your get together, then earthenware serving bowls, like our Westerly serving bowl, would do the trick.

Earthenware is the earliest form of making pottery; this is what makes earthenware so special. In our factory in Stoke on Trent every earthenware piece has two or three firings before glazing to ensure it is fully waterproof and dishwasher safe.
What makes it perfect for dinner parties is that it is wonderfully insulating and resistant to thermal shock, making it microwave and oven safe.

If soup bowls or dessert bowls are required for your get together then stoneware will set the right tone.
Stoneware’s essence is its strength and durability, whereas other materials are crafted to be delicate and graceful. It’s natural colouring is usually grey or brown and it can produce tableware with a natural, earthy feel.

When selecting the right dinner plates for your gathering you may look to porcelain, like these Sophie Conran for Portmeirion dinner plates. Often referred to as ‘fine china’ which can be misleading if you are looking for fine bone china.
It’s well-known and adored for its ability to create thinner pieces, translucency and white colour.

Fine Bone China
Finally, to add a little bit of luxury you may want to invest in fine bone china, the most prestigious of all tableware materials. It is a similar composition to porcelain but has a percentage of bone ash to make it extra tough and chip-resistant whilst maintaining its delicate-looking and translucent body.

Perfect for post dinner teas and coffees. These fine bone china cup and saucers from Royal Worcester’s Serendipity Gold will certainly add an element of sophistication.

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