Getting together with… Fifi McGee

In this month’s series of ‘getting together with’ we’re speaking to our talented #GetTogether ambassador, Fifi McGee, lover of all things home interiors, cosy nights in, long country walks and family dinners with her fiancé Neil. When Fifi’s not busy renovating her home, she can be found writing her hugely successful blog, Fifi McGee.

Hi Fifi – we’d love to know a bit more about the person behind one of our favourite blogs! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello! I’m Fifi, but most people call me Fi. I write an interior blog called with my other half Neil, and in the last two years we’ve been documenting how we’re renovating our 1930s semi-detached house providing support, resources and advice for other first time renovators. We’re obsessed with home styling too, Neil’s a photographer and loves to help me change corners of our home to reflect the seasons and inspire readers.

I grew up in Brighton, here in Sussex, so I’m always out and about exploring the South Downs on weekends. I’m a marketing manager for an interior brand by day, and run my blog/business Fifi McGee by night, so walks on the South Downs are a must for headspace and creative ideas.

It sounds like you lead a very busy life! What does your typical day consist of?

I wake up at about 6.30am, get ready for work and normally try to write blog posts and answer emails on my commute to the office. On my lunch break I try to take a walk by the sea (my office looks out across the English Channel!) and then commute home again at 5.30pm with a podcast to unwind after a busy day of marketing. Neil makes us dinner, usually something quick and delicious like a stir fry (we always try to eat together as often as possible), then we’ll both work on content, photography, emails, social posts etc. for Fifi McGee until about 9pm, then chill out for the evening with a book or an inspiring TED talk on YouTube.

What meal do you most associate with your childhood?

Such a great question! My family are all Irish, so my mum used to make delicious Irish stews for us when we got home from school. We’d have a thick slice of bread to mop up the juices – whenever I see Irish stew on a menu, it takes me right back to my childhood.

That sounds delicious! What’s your favourite dinner to cook for your loved ones?

I wish I was better at cooking dinners; I am definitely more of a baker. When we have family over Neil focuses on cooking the dinner, I focus on the dessert 😊. He loves making roast dinners with a big glass of red wine, and I make a very simple apple crumble topped with custard. Even though I may not be the main chef in the house, I still love getting everyone together around the table, to catch-up and spend quality time with each other.

What is your idea of a perfect get together with friends and family?

My perfect get together with friends and family is definitely at my house, myself and Neil hosting, wine and beers flowing, all gathered around our big farmhouse table. We’d have a gigantic roast with sharing dishes full of roast veg and Yorkshire puddings, and talk and talk until the wine runs out and the candles have burned down.

Think fast – who would you pick as your top celebrity dinner guest?

Can I choose 3? Karl Pilkington for the laughs, Derren Brown for the absolutely fascinating conversation, and someone like Tony Robbins for life advice. What a table that would be!

And finally last but not least, what is your top-tip for hosting a successful get together?

My biggest tip is to not fret too much about the clearing up. If you have 6+ guests, it can mean 1 whole hour just to get things loaded into the dishwasher. Just pile it all up on the side and worry about it later! Don’t waste precious catching-up time with your loved ones.

Thanks Fifi, we can’t wait to catch up again soon!

Thanks for reading this month’s edition of ‘getting together with’. Follow Fifi on Instagram for more home inspiration, and be sure to get in your kitchen to cook a roast, Irish stew, or even an apple crumble, but more importantly, enjoy spending quality time together with your loved ones. #GetTogether